This is the Web site for Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation, often referred to by its initials as PLAI (pronounce it like “play”). Over the years well over fifty academic institutions (that I know of) have used PLAI.

PLAI is designed for upper-level courses that introduce the main ideas of programming languages. In the US, it is designed for students in their second- through fourth-years of college, as well as starting graduate students. However, PLAI has been used with students much younger, including in a few select high school classes.

The Current (Third) Edition

The third edition of PLAI is a significant reboot of the franchise. It is based on several bits of research into how students program, what they learn and don’t learn, and what they know entering an upper-level programming languages class. This requires a significant rethinking of both the what and the how. While I expect a lot of the existing material of PLAI will persist but in reorganized form, I’m not allowing myself to be constrained by the old formats.

I hope to start work on this during Fall 2021, but it will take 2–3 years to finish, because I expect to make several changes.

Previous Editions

The book is about to start its third edition.

Who am I?

I’m Shriram Krishnamurthi.

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